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the best flank steak marinade. guaranteed.

so about a month ago i posted a very yummy flank steak recipe. the other day, i go into rowe farms to pick up some more meat and the guy there tells me that the pre-marinated flank steak he has is guaranteed to be amazing. “guaranteed?” i ask skeptically. he nods his head… how could i not try it?

annnnnnnnnnnnd…..he was right. it kicked my other recipes’ ass.

so i go back the next day, gave him props and asked for the recipe. he gave it to me (which was amazing) but it’s a recipe for 5L of marinade…a bit extreme. here’s the recipe anyway and you can tailor it to the amount you need:

500ml rice vinegar

500ml oyster sauce

2L soy sauce

750ml mirin

200g garlic puree

300g ginger puree

200g honey

and i also learned that you have to marinate it for 24 hours. i dare you to find a better recipe :)

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